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Security Congress APAC 2018


Date: 9-10, July 2018
Venue: Conrad Hong Kong

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Chapter Spotlight: (ISC)² Hong Kong Chapter
Giving Back to the Society - SSO Program in Hong Kong
Since 2008, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of Hong Kong has teamed up with the (ISC)² APAC Office and the Professional Information Security Association (PISA) to localize and present the Safe and Secure Online program (basic cybersecurity education and information security awareness training) to students and teachers at primary, secondary schools and tertiary education institutes in Hong Kong. We joined forces to localize the Safe and Secure Online materials for the Hong Kong Market. (ISC)² members who are based in Hong Kong delivered free information security talks to students, parents, teachers and adult end-users as part of their community service to 
the society.  
The SSO HK program has reached over 46,000 teachers, parents and students since 2008. For the outreach of adult computer end-users, members also presented at the government employees awareness training on mobile security, social media security, and email security. Currently, more than 100 CISSP credential holders in Hong Kong have joined this SSO program as speakers and helpers for the seminars and school visits.
A Parent Teacher Association (PTA) session of SSO HK Program, presented by (ISC)² Members
As the Safe and Secure Program evolves from a delivery focused model to content development, the (ISC)² Hong Kong Chapter will take greater ownership in the localization of the new content and delivery coordination in Hong Kong with the continued support of the APAC regional office.  Mr. Frankie Leung, President of (ISC)² Hong Kong Chapter and Mr. Otto Lee, Chairman of PISA reiterated their commitment to running and supporting this program as the SSO evolves for a wider reach.  They will recruit new speakers, inform previous SSO members, design new materials and arrange new “Train the SSO Speakers” sessions for all registered speakers with the updated content this summer. There are two SSO visits planned for September and more sessions are in the process of being scheduled.
If you are interested in learning how your chapter can give back to the society and volunteer in the SSO program, contact Frankie Leung at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more details.
(ISC)² Members reached out to primary school students in Hong Kong.